Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hillary Elephants


FreeThinke said...












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FreeThinke said...

A dreary old dyke, Hilla Reece,
Felt a need for erotic release,
So she rubbed her pudenda
With the smooth shiny end o'
The pretty punk nose of her niece!

beamish said...

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in a race to see who can pull their parties further left.

FreeThinke said...

___ To A Muthah We Know Too Well ___

Hating you for many’s now a hobby ––
Incisive, bossy, proud iconoclast.
Lusting after power, you may lobby
Loudly for the the poor –– the lowest caste ––
Amassed applauding at the Polling Gate.
Railing at the Rich, you scorn their gold.
You would have us be Slaves of the State
Cheering as our lives become controlled ––
Lost –– in endless snarls of red tape.
Inventiveness to you should harnessed be
Not to bring fulfillment, but to rape
The profit from creative energy.
O, Self-Appointed Goddess of the Ill,
No one can afford to pay your Bill!

~ FreeThinke

FreeThinke said...

_____ Sail On, O Ship of State ______

What the truth might be no one can find.
Hopeless is the quest on either side
Invested as they are in staying blind
To anything that points to Power denied.
Entrenched in battle lines made to endure,
Weapons drawn and ready to attack.
A motivating force that’s quite impure
Twists logic into seeing white as black.
Examining our leaders’ feet of clay
Removes us from confronting our own flaws,
While they decisive action can delay
On how to rid the Nation’s Face of yaws.
Electing pugilists who throw the fight
Scorches angels’ wings, yet sheds no light.

~ FreeThinke

This sonnet was penned nineteen years ago in reference to the Clintons‘ Whitewater woes, but I see now that the basic sentiments apply to the way politics is conducted all the time.

-FJ said...

We voters believe as truth that which we desire to believe and benefits us most... hence no scandals can touch the Hillary/Trumps.

FreeThinke said...

P.T. Barnum had us all pegged brilliantly more than a hundred years ago, didn't he?

beamish said...

Lost in all the tomato and fist throwing is the premise that these people are rioting over "All Votes Matter."

beamish said...

"not gonna vote for ______? Here have a knuckle sammich"

Gert said...

Someone's going to have to come up with a hybrid between a donkey and an elephant to symbolise 'cuckdemocrats' like Hillary.

FreeThinke said...


She's a female CUCKOLD. What might we do with that?

FreeThinke said...

Should be portrayed with HORNS from now on.