Friday, March 11, 2016

Chomsky on the Threat to the Neoliberal Narrative


beamish said...

You can readily and indisputably identify a blithering idiot by how concerned they are by glarbal worming.

-FJ said...

It's scary stuff! I'd hate to imagine that one day, my ashes once spread on a corn field in Iowa, will return to being a seabed.

FreeThinke said...

Noam Chomsky is, was, and always will be a smug, self-right-righteous, egocentric, suffocating presence with an unlimited capacity to overestimate his own intelligence and significance. A patently obvious descendant of the original Frankfurt School whose malignant view of life has caused more damage than all the bimbs and bullets exploded in the past century.

FreeThinke said...

What part of Iowa would not fare better and appear more attractive as part of The Garden of the Deep, the Mother of all Life on Earth?

The Environmentalcase Movement is Modern Man's attempt to build yet-another Tower of Babel.

Whenever Man attempts to be his own God, he is stalked, –– and ultimately struck –– by Disaster.

beamish said...

We gone make it illegal for the weather to be bad ya'll

Thersites said...

Sounds like a Hillary promise!

Gert said...

We gone make it illegal for the weather to be bad ya'll

Confusing weather with climate again? Shows how much of the theory you've understood: not even the definitions.

Gert said...

G-d, these ‘Cultural Marxists’ sure keep busy, don’t they? Having raised an army of ‘Feminazis’, then co-opted the LGBT people and the gun control lobby-ette, they’ve also managed to hire thousands of ‘scientists’ to commit the ‘ACC hoax’. One has to almost admire the dedication to bringing down Western Civilisation. Compared to their effort, the ‘9/11 inside job’ was a piece of cake.

I do wish Chomsky wouldn’t mention Europeans shaking in their sandals at the thought of Republican policies: that’s just free online Viagra to people like Beamish! ;-)

beamish said...

Gert, everybody knows climate is weather over time. You don't want to control time, thus weather is your target.

Me, I'd solve glarbal worming by putting more thermometer in the Arctic and call it a day.

beamish said...

Let's take "science lessons" at the knee of people who believe spending more money than you have leads to prosperity.

The only way a leftist passes an IQ tests is if he eats it first.

-FJ said...

@ Gert: It's all about charging an extra $1.00 for a cup of coffee so that Columbian coffee growers can get an extra $0.01 a cup more for their beans (the "Fair-trade Price"). Marxism never found a more willing partner than Capitalism.

beamish said...

Providers vs. Consumers

Gert said...

It's all about charging an extra $1.00 for a cup of coffee so that Columbian coffee growers can get an extra $0.01 a cup more for their beans (the "Fair-trade Price").

Nonsense. You conflate an unintended consequence with a driving motive. Highly reductionist.

Gert, everybody knows climate is weather over time.

No, many in your camp don't don't know the difference between weather and climate. You just got caught, that's all. Keep putting ice cubes in a glass of water and claiming 'see? The water level doesn't rise when it melts!'

FreeThinke said...


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FreeThinke said...

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-FJ said...

"vanitas vanitatum, omnia vanitas"