Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fantasizing About your Anxiety's

Some things dwel far too close to active consciousness...


FreeThinke said...

Alas! my foul Flash Player again has failed.
This is at least the fifth such time this year.
'Twould do no good, or else I would have wailed
And railed against the Powers we must fear.

"And who are they?" you ask. I cannot say ––
Nameless, faceless, hidden as they be.
In plush palatial suites on us they prey
Causing men to risk their sanity

Dealing with accurs'd upgrades eternal
Might a peptic ulcer cause to dwell
In the stress'd digestive tract infernal
Making rounds quotidian a hell.

The blessings of modernity are mixed
Had I been Czar, I would have had them nixed!

~ FreeThinke

Thersites said...

You'd probably have found the subject (sex) interesting, had you seen it. :(

Gert said...

Fantasizing About your Anxieties.

Just dotting the is and crossing the ts. :-)

-FJ said...

Sounded plausible to me.