Saturday, June 4, 2016

PC'ness is a Plague...


FreeThinke said...

Of course, PC is a plague. It's the worst thing to hit Civilization since The Spanish Inquisition, the Star Chamber, the Salem Witch Trials and Cromwell's Persecutions. And you may be sure that the imposition of "PC" is a direct outgrowth of the human impulses that led to the Circus Maximus, Mediaeval Religious Tyranny, the Indian Wars, Marxism, Fascism, and lunacy we live with today.

The deep seated resentment of Authoritarian Control of language, terminology, pronunciation –– and eventually THOUGHT, itself –– is probably the primary reason why Donald Trump's aggressive, deliberately crass, loudly outspoken violation of these artificial constraints leftist intellectuals and their henchmen in academia and the enemedia have militantly imposed on society have created such an astonishing groundswell of enthusiastic support.

Trump seems to be leading a virtul Peasant Revolt by storming the battlements of our self-appointed suzerains, who ought to be in fear of their lives.

To quote an old saw:

"Anyone who doesn't have the courage to say SHIT in front of a lady, when he feels it warranted, has no right to consider himself a man."

So in that spirit I say:

FUCK liberals!

FUCK feminists.

FUCK the Establishment.

FUCK purse-lipped old fuddy duddys.

FUCK the Ivy League.

FUCK Boston.

SHIT on Assachewshits.

SHIT on Justice John Roberts.

SHIT on Obama and his fat-assed Jungle Bunny Bride


SHIT on the IRS

FUCK John Koscinen

BURN Lois Lerner at the STAKE


Joe Conservative said...


FreeThinke said...


FreeThinke said...

Despite being a decorous sort of chap who clings to Old World styles and values much of the time, I must admit it never fails to do my heart good whenever I hear Shirley MacLaine as the irascible Ouisa in Steel Magnolias tell one of the others characters, "EAT SHIT AND DIE!"

Like Mozart before me –– possibly the most decorous and elegant of the great composers –– I too have a taste for the Rabelaisian. It's a great help in balancing the doses of treacly sentiment and mawkish nonsense too many lavender-scented ladies of the Old School used as a means of Social Control. [I strongly suspect many-if-not most of these cherished private fantasies of getting fucked by swashbuckling villains after they'd passed the child-bearing years. ;-]

__________ An Awful Truth __________

Do most old women stop enjoying sex
Once the saggy baggy phase sets in?
Could any potent male regard these wrecks
As outlets for the joys of carnal sin?

Lechery in randy, aging goats
Arises at the thought of flesh still fresh ––
Softly rounded curves and slim white throats
Not too long departed from the creche.

Ironic that old pussies cracked and wizened
Still dream of ardent service from Fair Youth,
But no matter how these crones appear bedizened
‘Tis just their cash that lures, and that’s the truth.

The resource that best sustains us when we’re old
Is found in vaults replete with jewels and gold.

~ FreeThinke

-FJ said...

Reminds me of Aristophanes' "ECCLESIAZUSAE" The main part of the comedy deals with the many amusing difficulties that arise inevitably from this new
state of affairs, the community of women above all necessitating special
safeguarding clauses to secure the rights of the less attractive members
of the sex to the service of the younger and handsomer men.