Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Will Britain Reclaim its' Economic Sovereignty?

The lash of European Union won’t tell us,
how many thousands migrants
we must take to our home
or where to build
for them temples and the mosques.
We want to break free from E. U. lies.

We are the people of democracy.
The red tape of collapsing Union
and their bureaucrats’ fat pay,
won’t force us to comply
with their unjust rules -
our bravery over financial slavery.

More taxes, these are the dirty tricks
of bureaucrats’ politics.
We are not the beggars, nor scavengers,
but of noble life challengers.
We are free and proud.
In serfdom our country won’t stay.
- Art Wielgus (2016)


FreeThinke said...


After great pain
A formal feeling comes
The nerves sit ceremonious –– like tombs.

The stiff hear questions
Was it He that bore ––
And yesterday –– or centuries before?

The feet mechanical go round ––
A wooden way
Of ground or air or ought.

Regardless grown ––
A quartz contentment lie a stone.

This is the hour of lead.
Remembered –– if outlived ––
As freezing persons recollect the snow.

First chill ––
Then stupor ––
Then –– the letting go.

~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

FreeThinke said...

Good for Art Wielgus! I admire –– and concur –– with his sentiments exactly,

But what kind of name is WIELGUS? Surely it can't be British, can it? ODD it what I calls it .

AT ANY RATE, just as Britain girds up her loins for the BREXIT, London's brand new ISLAMIC mayor

}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} SHUDDER {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{

issues a Sharia-like ban on sexy advertising on public conveyances.

As always Civilization performs yet-another mutation of the Two-Step Shuffle:

Till you return from the palace
To your tree bark shack.
From there you head back to the cave
From whence you came ––
A Fitting Grave!

~ Ann Omnibus

Anonymous said...

I've long thought that adverts could stand to be less titillating. If you want that sort of thing, I gather it is readily available elsewhere...

-FJ said...

I suppose that you could always just mortify the women, instead (like Omar Mateen did to the objects of his sexual desire). ;)

Gert said...

'economic sovereignty' (to 'regain' it you must first have lost it of course!), 'financial slavery', 'in serfdom our country won’t stay'... as long as various talking heads keep framing the 'debate' in hyperbolic terms like these there is of course no actual debate, only sound and fury signifying nothing.

There was enough 'Trumpism' in the world before Trump but it's likely to get worse now. Farage, BTW, is clown. Not quite in Trump's league but getting there. I think I actually prefer the EU's 'lies' to Farage's.

-FJ said...

There seem to be two paths, greater political union as advocated by Zizek, et al, or disunion ala Farage. I personally would probably favor the latter, but you Europeans are big boys. If you want a United States of Europe, that's your business.

Gert said...

If you want a United States of Europe, that's your business.

It's a very flawed comparison, IMHO. The road to and historical reasons for the emergence of the EU and the USA are very different.

That's why critics of the EU like Zizek and Varoufakis remain at heart committed to the Union project. As am I.

Re. the video, it's another manifestation of the coarsening of political debate: hard to think of anything more vulgar than two fake blondes prancing about in glittered Union Jack halter tops to an anodyne pop song. If this is their representation of British culture, they can keep it. Thankfully it isn't!

-FJ said...

The road to and historical reasons for the emergence of the EU and the USA are very different.

Really? Do you think that 13 individual colonies had the capability of withstanding the British Empire individually? Do you think that the individual countries of Europe had the capability of withstanding post WWII economic hegemony by the US (untouched by bombing) and de-colonialization (in the face of Soviet expansion) w/o NATO? I'd say the circumstances were very similar.

-FJ said...

You did have the Commonwealth, so maybe you didn't HAVE to unite w/ the rest of Europe. But IMO, the rest of Europe would have had a much harder time making it w/o Great Britain, especially with their colonies in revolution from the Soviet sphere.

FreeThinke said...

Gert must have distilled ice water coursing through his veins. Either that or his Jewish blood is showing. };^)>

Arrogant condescension is highly characteristic of these chilly, unfeeling, "dispassionate" types who fancy themselves superior.

At the bottom of it all is the basic contempt for humanity those who think they know it all invariably harbor.

Gert said...


If your argument is defence of the small against the great and powerful then surely a European Union is more needed than ever: we're still up against an emerging superpower (China) and one with renewed intentions in that area (Russia).

What's profoundly different between Europe and N.America is that the former was a centuries old bloodbath. The re-emerging nationalisms you swoon over worry me because we know what they lead to. Know yesterday, know tomorrow.

Gert said...

Free Stinker:

Please go FUCK yourself, you dirty little old man.

It's pointless to tell an idiot like you a simple basic truth of course but I'm not Jewish. The fact that you seem to use that term as an attempt to insult someone speaks volumes.

-FJ said...

Gert... those resurgent "nationalisms" you fear will all but disappear after your first civil war. Very few Americans are today committed to remaining in the "states" in which they were born. I've lived on both coasts of our land, and have no ties at all to the state of my birth.

Even had the South succeeded in seceding from the Union, it immediately formed a confederacy that would have lead to a new, but smaller defensive "union".

Franklin's original vision for America was a confederacy, but economics (from defensive war debts) forced a tighter political union.

It's like GB itself. Scots, Welsh, Englanders, Irish. I doubt that even with Scottish independence they'll ever again march an army south to war against England.

The United Kingdom is a social and historical bond. Who knows, perhaps one day even Ireland will come round. ;)

I much doubt that America and the UK will ever again find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict

ps - If you opt for union, you WILL almost certainly experience civil war at some point. If Europe survives it, the old country distinctions will all but disappear. Who knows, Brexit might be the Fort Sumter you've been waiting for. Fighting FOR Union solidified the greater political, economic, and defensive 'union' in America.

-FJ said...

Europe, like America, has an "immigration" problem, period. Shut the borders, and the right wing will fade politically back into the background.

-FJ said...

erratum - European Union external borders (keep the internal borders dismantled).

-FJ said...

You can't let the Huns freely roam your territory.

-FJ said...

The only reason to keep the external borders open is to angle for "Global Union". And that's a non-starter with this American.

FreeThinke said...

Gert may or may not be Jewish in any literal sense, but he sure ACTS like a typical, fuckin' know-it -all-KIKE.

He says his name is MEYER. Meyer is often is a Jewish name, –– as in Katharine MEYER Graham, whose Anglo-Saxon husband, heir to the Washington Post, committed SUICIDE. Yes Kay Graham was decidedly a Jew, and after she drove her poor husband to kill himself, –– presumably just to get away from her aggressive, evil, too powerful, bullying presence ––, the WaPo soon became the filthy, Commie-inspired Character Assassination Machine it remains to this day. Meyer may not always be a jewish name, but it is in many many cases. It's a variant of MAYER, as in Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, and Jane Mayer, the hateful, dour, lweftist bitch who took all the froth and frolic out of The New Yorker, and ran it straight into the Communist ground

I once knew a person named Rosenbaum who was raised from infancy in the Catholic faith, but "blood will always tell," He ACTED like the nastiest, most insolent, fuckin' obnoxious KIKE who ever lived, –– and I MEAN a fuckin' K-I-K-E –– the kind who make people wonder if Hitler may not have been right after all.

Jews love to play a stupid game that goes like this: "Karl Marx was not Jewish, he was raised a LUTHERAN." OR - So-and so is not Jewish, she's an ATHEIST," etc.

And THEN they'll turn around and tell you, –– when and if it suits their purposes of the moment ––, that "Jewishness is as much an ETHNIC IDENTITY as it is a RELIGION."

I think it may be more even than than that. It is more an ATTITUDE than anything else, and brother, YOU exhibit that stinking attitude in spades doubled and redoubled.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Bub, –– or better yet STUFF IT UP YOUR FUCKIN' ASS.

That's right, I DON'T LIKE YOU. I realize the feeling is mutual, it's been Hate at First Sight for us all along. The difference between us is that people of YOUR ilk would like to make it ILLEGAL for me to say it out loud –– preferably with a stiff jail term attached as punishment ––, while I don't give a fucky God Damn what a snotty, arrogant, pretentious, conceited, self-righteous prick like YOU thinks about ANYTHING.

Gert said...

"You can't let the Huns freely roam your territory."

Are the many legal immigrants currently in the US 'Huns that freely roam your territory', FJ?

Language matters. I can 'understand' some of the reactions from the Far Right re. the murder of Jo Cox ("Hurray! A Traitor was shot! Long Live the shooter!"): if all your life you've been told immigrants are coming to take over your country and rape your daughters then the shooting of such a politician must sound like a victory of 'common sense' over 'the advance of the Huns'.

Thersites said...

The ones who overstay their visas, and these number millions, are certainly "huns" IMO. There are also the millions who never even bothered to obtain them. I've got nothing against legal immigration authorized by the national government. I do have problems with immigrant "sanctuary cities" and those like Angela Merkel who announce safe havens and promise to ignore immigration law.

Thersites said...

...and don't ask-don't tell immigration "ignorers" like Barack Obama who invent new protected classes w/terms like "strivers" for the children of illegals.

Thersites said...

@ Gert - You are a class act. Thanks.

Thersites said...


Thersites said...

In the USA, we have an immigration "enforcement" problem which the President is directly responsible for. His response is that we should simply "legalize" all his non-enforcement away (pencil whip the problem). Our response is, "Do your f'ing JOB, Barrack!"

Thersites said...

America needs to stop importing people by the thousands who are offended by our cultural values and for whom there is no expectation of assimilation. It simply facilitates an environment of conflict, as Muslims go into gay clubs and start shooting them up. Let them stay in Pakistan where there are no gay clubs to shoot up.

Thersites said...

An harmonious culture is like a good soup. Just how much salt is too much?

FreeThinke said...

According to certain elements there could never be too much salt –– as long as its KOSHER salt, FJ.

FreeThinke said...

What am I being so deliberately obnoxious?

You didn't ask, but I feel compelled to answer anyway.

BECAUSE I"m FED UP to the TEETH with the INSTITUTIONALIZED HYPOCRISY FOISTED on us by ADVOCATES of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, especially when it's coupled with the sort of ONE-WAY RUDENESS leftists reserve for themselves as THEIR EXCLUSIVE RIGHT and PRIVILEGE.

In other words THEY assume it 's perfectly fine for THEM to ACCUSE ME of all sorts of awful things because I am a "Conservative," then tell ME, "Please go FUCK yourself, you dirty little old man; it's pointless to tell an idiot like you a simple basic truth, of course, but I'm not Jewish." However, when I defend myself by telling unpleasant truths, I am the one who is supposed to feel guilty and bow my head in shame, while HE gets told he is a "class act."

This character STARTED this feud a few months ago by attacking me out of a clear blue sky, because he took exception to something I said that displeased him, even though it was not even directed at him. I had never even heard of "Gert" at the time.

And I am supposed to take this kind of thing lying down?

This haughty, self-righteously aggressive ATTITUDE on the part of overly assertive leftists is the ESSENCE of what has rotted the SOUL out of our once-vibrant, thriving culture.

Look what unchecked, unhampered aggression in the name of Freedom of Speech has done over at Who's Your Daddy? That's a near-perfect microcosm of what has happened to our country.

I consider myself a Christian, but I am NOT one who believe in turning the other cheek –– not any more.

Now, please feel free to return to your gentlemanly, high-minded discussion of sterile theoretical notions about why things are the way they are.

FreeThinke said...

The job of the [community] organizer is to maneuver and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a 'dangerous enemy.'

~ Saul Alinsky

This is EXACTLY what I mean when I say these demons twist the truth and pervert its meaning to use it against "us" while furthering their own nefarious ends.

FreeThinke said...

"The organizer dedicated to changing the life of a particular community must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community."

~ Saul Alinsky

Alinsky was not an Irishman, a Scot, a Briton, a Cornishman, or a Frenchman in case you hadn't noticed. Nor was he un any way Russian, Scandinavian, Polish, Italian or German. But he certainly WAS a BASTARD.

Anonymous said...

Are you casting yourself as the organizer?

FreeThinke said...

Are you asking ME, Mr. Convergent?

If so, the answer is "HARDLY!"

I don't believe much-if-any good comes from manipulative movements of any kind designed to inflame the passions in order to overcome the restraints of REASON and basic DECENCY.

I believe in a natural, SPONTANEOUS progression of discoveries whose primary goal is to learn more about the nature of reality while never attempting to deny it, overcome it , or force it to be something Nature never intended it to be.

in other words I, personally, have allowed myself to be ruled by SERENDIPITY, and while I dare not say what others must or should do with their lives, SERENDIPITY has been more than kind to me. While not smug, I can honestly say at age seventy-five, despite having endured many crises, and periods of uncertainty, grief, and profound despondency along the way, I am satisfied with the way Life has treated me. I may have wanted more, when I was young and foolishly ambitious, but all things considered I am most grateful for what I do have

As doubtless you have seen for yourself, what ruffles my feathers and stirs me to anger motivated by anguish and frustration is the way an-undeservedly-significant percentage of humanity, much too secure in its high opinion of itself, feels compelled by its insufferable arrogance to become highly AGGRESSIVE in an attempt to MIND OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS.

Aggression stemming from an undue sense of Superiority –– i.e. CONCEIT –– and Self-Importance, coupled with Acquisitiveness, which springs from two basic sources –– the deadly sin of ENVY –– and something even worse –– an invidious conviction that "WE can make much better use of what THEY have than THEY can, therefore WE deserve to TAKE IT from THEM and make it our OWN" are responsible for most of the Pain, Grief and hideous Destruction our species has suffered outside the realm of Natural Disasters.

So in essence I am the direct opposite of an "organizer" in the sense meant by the demon bastard Saul Alinsky, and his demented followers.

I believe that the Human Mind –– left to its own devices without a constant, and ever-more-threatening demands to conform to artificial constraints conceived by self-serving busybodies, scared to death of losing their own power and status –– will DISCOVER great, useful TRUTHS that once accepted will make GENUINE human progress more probable and increasingly possible.

Paradoxically humanity most desperately needs to become hyper-aggressive in a determination to rid itself of the tendency towards the twin evils AGGRESSION and ACQUISITIVENESS, which in my never humble opinions are the TRUE "Root of all Evil." };^)>

-FJ said...

I complement Gert because he doesn't rise to take the bait, FT. You're chummin' pretty hard.

-FJ said...

Lear rages against the storm. ;)

Face it FT, the Classical Liberal elites gave away the kingdom (universities) back in the sixties. They forgot to empower the Nocturnal Council with BOTH wise AND courageous Statesmen (Plato) and therefore allowed Justice to overpower Prudence.... (Pallas Athena unarmed, or Troy w/o the palladium)