Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween!


Always On Watch said...

Way creepy!

-FJ said...

...but sounds pretty good (by a contemporary Micky Mouse Club)

FreeThinke said...


I posted my Halloween offerings under Zizek's Marijuana thread.

That's what happens when the posts are all run together with no spacing in between. (;-c

Fly Over American said...

I kinda mixed the posts up "timing" wise. Mea culpa. Now, "weiner's out!"

FreeThinke said...

Thank you for posting Ich grolle night from Robert Schumann's Dicterliebe at Who's Your Daddy, even though you labeled it as "Hillary's Swan Song." };^)>

I can't post there, because of current electronic problems, but I thought an English translation, though homemade, was in order, especially considering the second stanza.

I'l not complain, even though my heart is breaking,
Love lost to me forever, I'll not complain.
You, though radiant as diamonds in your proud splendor,
Admit no light into the darkness of your heart.

I knew this long ago. I saw you, yes, in a dream,
And saw the blackness inside your heart's chamber,
And saw the serpent gnawing at your heart,
I saw, my dear, how utterly wretched you truly are

If you want to bother transferring this information to the barrenness of that blighted, troll-ridden wasteland, if would be fine with me. I ask for no mention or credit whatsoever.

Meanwhile, have a Happy Hopeful Halloween! I still earnestly pray that our country will cease to be HAG-RIDDEN on November 9th.

Thersites said...

Thanks for the translation!

Gert said...

Happy Halloween!

Thersites said...

Thanks Gert! It's the 'ideal' day for easrly voting! ;)

nicrap said...

Happy Halloween everyone!

FreeThinke said...

The only ghost I ever saw
Was dressed in mechlin, —so;
He wore no sandal on his foot,
And stepped like flakes of snow.
His gait was soundless, like the bird,
But rapid, like the roe;
His fashions quaint, mosaic,
Or, haply, mistletoe.

Hi conversation seldom,
His laughter like the breeze
That dies away in dimples
Among the pensive trees.
Our interview was transient, —
Of me, himself was shy;
And God forbid I look behind
Since that appalling day!

~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

________ All Hallows Eve ________

Trick or treating, barren branches claw
On rooftops ‘gainst the biting Autumn air.
Jack O’Lantern flickers. Would he gnaw
An arm away ––, or set aflame the hair ––

Conspicuously real above the masks ––
Kindling Kindergartners at the door?
Only Satan’s own perform such tasks,
Leering, lisping, limping as to war.

Awake! All Hallows Eve lets loose the ghosts.
No one escapes the Grave for long. Be wise.
The Jack O’Lanterns flicker on the posts ––
Each one a sentry for the Lord of Flies.

Run home to mother lest the Evil One
NABS you, while you THINK you’re having fun.

~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper, Autumn, 1996

FreeThinke said...

Hope y'all had lots of fun terrifying each other all day yesterday?

Ah jess hopes y'all don' get sued for reckless endangerment of children when you handed out "Kandee" at the door dressed as Satan or the Grim Reaper –– or maybe NORMAN BATES' MOTHER!!!. (:-x

Heh heh heh!

FreeThinke said...

Now, let's see if you can digest THIS and not choke on it:

Tony Weiner's throbbing tool
Of himself has made a fool
We doubt, however, that he knew
His antics would make HillRod rue
The day she hatched her crafty scheme
To realize Huma's fondest dream ––
To have a child e'er she got old
To keep her status in the fold
Of Muslim strictures to obey ––
To wed before she whelped. Okay,
But what a loser they did pick!
Weiner's brains are in his prick,
And Huma's taste holds us aghast,
As HillRod's goose seems cooked at last!
Rarely have we more enjoyed a
Juicy piece of Schadenfreude!

~ Anne Animus

Gert said...

"Thanks Gert! It's the 'ideal' day for early voting! ;)"

Take some ghosts with ya!

Gert said...

It's been un watching Liberals melt down over Weinergate. That whole shebang could have been written by the Pythons!!! :-)

Gert said...

Oops.. "fun", of course.

Gert said...

Is Comey the victim of a "KGB" honeytrap? Is he the cisgender lovechild of Trump? Will he eventually be killed with polonium-laced tea?

It would be irresponsible not to speculate! ;-)

FreeThinke said...


_____ My Acrostic Confession _____

I’ve always had ambition to gain power.
My motives frankly, I’ve not understood.
At times I know that others think me sour.
For me that’s not a problem. I’M NO GOOD.
Unusual if not unique it mis
Cause many to perceive my style as vile.
Kicking at the pricks adds to my lust
Inspiring me to spew more and more bile.
No one can stop me, I am positive,
Because I am The Designated Choice
In whom the Powers see a Factor Causative
To silence soon forever Freedom’s Voice.
Crushing, then discarding the Old Rules
Happily I of all my fans make fools.

~ Hillary Rotten Clinton

FreeThinke said...

JEEPERS! I just listened to the BVDEO, and was amazed at now EXCELLENT it is.

Truly creative, very clever, skillfully composed, highly polished professional grade performance.

And to think I almost missed .it, because i was afraid it would be just another thumping, bumping, roaring, shrieking, booming, bashing Rockatrocity.

Thersites said...

You might want to skip the. next few then... ;)

FreeThinke said...

Thanks for the warning. I always try to listen, but ca usually tell within a SECOND or two, if it's anything I could stand subjecting myself to. Usually, Alas! it is not, but i DO try.

I think Rock, Rap, Metal, Whiny, Monotonous, Protest Songs, and all all such garbage should come with a MANDATORY WARNING LABEL.

After all, every FOOD item we buy has to have an extensive list of all its ingredients on the label before it can be sold. What-has-passed-for-Pop-Music since the SICK-sties is decidedly TOXIC.

I know a GREAT deal about music, and I have no doubt at all that the enormous doses of sullenness, rebelliousness, contentiousness, insolence, coarseness, sexual promiscuity and free-floating hostility of every variety is due largely to the presence of this SEPTIC Influence we have stupidly welcomed into our once-vibrant-now-hideously-decadent culture.