Friday, October 21, 2016

Yur Daily K-OS

The crabs are lunching;
An hour I’ve watched, and still they eat,
Pincering microcosms from the scaly rocks,
Time to split-second mouth shutterings
Link Chinamen with chop-sticks;
No disrespect, but Asian they look,
And I on an overleaning rock am humbled.

Such industry is not mine,
Such battering I could not suffer.
The waves hiss and bury the feeders three feet deep,
Avalanches fall on their apparent frailty,
The rock bares, the sea sucks back,
And I laugh to see the crabs uninterruptedly feeding;
The little baby crab holds miraculously rock fast,
Centuried to sea-wash,
Insolently safe, insolently chop-stick lunching
Against the might of the sea.

I laugh, knowing crabs wiser than man;
When man, suicided from his home, the earth
Shall see no lord sun spray gold on wave,
Nor moon come like vespers, go in full song,
Crabs still will ply their chop-sticks,
Knowing nor caring that man is dust.
- Brian Vrepont, "The Crabs"


FreeThinke said...

I like it. I like it!

Believe it or not, I LIKE it. ;-)

We super-civilized, ultra-sophisticated folk have much we could learn from simpler, poor folk who somehow manage to be HIGH on LIFE, despite the perilous uncertainty with which they are forced to live.

When I was twenty five I didn't have a dime, lived mostly by my wits, and YET I had more fun, and experienced more pure joy then than I have since becoming a modestly-rich Man of Property.

I have read that cockroaches and horseshoe crabs are probably the most successful creatures on the evolutionary scale, because they don't look attractive, don't taste good, and don't give a damn what others think of them.

Consequently, they've survived –– apparently INTACT! –– for millions upon millions of years.

And what have WE done with our supposedly superior intelligence and questing nature?

We developed the Atomic Bomb. (:-o

-FJ said...