Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Sounds of Consumerism...

Deceit, my throne
Agony, my crown
Within an ocean of tears, the silent man drowns
Pain so clear, across this grim façade
Life serene, cut so close, by this paper god
This seed of market and stock, supply and demand
The story of capitalism written by greed’s melancholy hand
A story so sad, imbued with regret
Consumerism the tragedy- heresy is debt
- Drake Brayer, "Economy" (10/21/14)

Okay, heresy isn't debt... heresy would be an absence of debt.


-FJ said...

Sorry, lost comments on this post trying to get rid of a duplicate post... :(

Gert said...

That's a Rightwing conspiracy!

Fly Over American said...

No doubt about it!

Gert said...

New blog, FJ?

FreeThinke said...

Are you eager to start the assault
On Donald Trump's trash talking fault
For PRIVATELY gabbing
About pussy grabbing
Though ACTION was held at a halt?

~ FreeThinke

FreeThinke said...


I said, Sr. Dali's wife had a nice pair of tits.

FJ said, "I sure both Dali and his wife would appreciate your remark" or something very like it.

As you can see, our exchange was profoundly significant. I hope you are properly grateful to my excellent memory for bringing it back to life.

I'm sure we are all much richer for the contribution, n'est'ce'pas?

GEE! I'm glad not to be running for president!

-FJ said...

New blog? No, an old one like so many others.