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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pathos Ascendant


Z said...


-FJ said...

A reference to beamishes emotions getting the better of him at our discussion at AoWs blog Logos, ethos and pathos being three motivations for argumentation.

-FJ said...

In making an argument, you can appeal to their reason, their ethics or their passions. Beamish uses a lot of ad hominem (personal attacks) that appeal to passions and emotions, hatred, resentment, disgust. He started to make personal threats, a sure sign that pathos has taken over as their primary motivating force.

-FJ said...

...and when pathos ascends, ethos and logos generally descend.

Z said...

I get it...and i see.

Always On Watch said...

He started to make personal threats

I must have missed that in the deluge of comments at the one thread at my place. Email me a direct link to any such comment, and I'll delete it.

I'm not being sarcastic with this comment.