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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardis Gras Indians

You've got first chief, which is Big Chief;
First Queen;
you've got Second Chief and Second Queen;
Third Chief and Third Queen.
First, Second, and Third chiefs are supposed to have a queen with them. That's just tradition.
Your fourth chief is not called fourth chief, he's the Trail Chief.

From there on it's just Indians, no title.

You also have your Spy Boy, your Flag Boy and your Wild Man.

Your Spy Boy is way out front, three blocks in front the chief.

The Flag Boy is one block in front so he can see the Spy Boy up ahead and he can wave his flag to let the chief know what is going on.

Today, they don't do like they used to. Today you're not going to see any Spy Boy with a pair of binoculars around his neck and a small crown so he can run. Today a Spy Boy looks like a chief and somebody carrying a big old stick. It's been years since I seen a proper flag. Today everybody has a chief stick.

The Wild Man wearing the horns in there to keep the crowd open and to keep it clear. He's between the Flag Boy and the Chief.

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