Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Song to Drive FreeThinke Nuts

Ying and it's yang
felt inside a surge
to sing their song;
being witness to this
immortal moment,
we stood up and said
'The accompaniments
please let's contribute'
space, sea waves, clouds
earth, fire and sky---
all at once felt the need
as much as us. Aum
The orchestra
sounded so divine
the voices did merge
like milk and honey
a symphony
like a river seeking ocean
emerged, everyone
was aghast, "Where
are the audience
for such a jazz?"
And when the moment
of delight unfolded
it voicelessly chanted:
"The singer and the song
are one, bliss eternal"
K Balachandran, "At the Kernel" (Aug 2, 2014)


FreeThinke said...

Perhaps I really am fortunate that my Flash Player went Bye Bye this morning? I said as much at SilverFiddle's where the Saturday Sessions almost invariably scrape mercilessly at my exposed nerve endings like coarse steel wool soaked in Aqua Regia.

Thersites said...

Then perhaps all is for the best! Rest your eardrums. :)

Always On Watch said...

I like this! Doesn't drive me nuts at all.

-FJ said...

I'm glad it doesn't bother you, AoW. I'm not sure that FT would enjoy the stylistic "fusion".

FreeThinke said...

Alas! my foul Flash Player again has failed.
This is at least the fifth such time this year.
'Twould do no good, or else I would have wailed
And railed against the Powers we must fear.

"And who are they?" you ask. I cannot say ––
Nameless, faceless, hidden as they be.
In plush palatial suites on us they prey
Causing men to risk their sanity

Dealing with accurs'd upgrades eternal
Might a peptic ulcer cause to dwell
In the stress'd digestive tract internal
Making rounds quotidian a hell.

The blessings of modernity are mixed.
Had I been Czar, I would have had them nixed!

~ FreeThinke - 3/22/15

And that, dear friends and fiends, is just my roundabout way of saying I cannot appreciate ANY linked offerings today, because they won't play on my 'puter.

When an irksome problem lands,
I don't think too much in it.
Instead, I use my head and hands
To fashion a new sonnet.


-FJ said...

A constructive approach, FT. When life deals you lemons... make lemonade!