Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Real of Capitalist Illusion

In 6 segments


Franco Aragosta said...

Every bit as IRKSOME and CONFOUNDING as I have grown to expect.

The art of making simple things appear more mysterious, abstruse, and impenetrably complex than they need to be is alive and well in "French Thought" and those who've found it inspiring.

I honestly beleve this stuff was conjured up by mediocre minds steeped in miser trying to make themselves appear "smart" by doing their best to try to make others feel stupid.

The narraot in the first vide is a tedious plodding dimwit. Zizek on the other hand continues to draw us in, because he has genuine charisma, and seems honestly engaged as h is engaging. Those qualities are highly seductive in and of themselves.

Franco Aragosta said...

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