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Sunday, September 10, 2023

We so Meta Now?


Thinking said...

Have you noticed that we have been facing an upsurge in crime in certain Democratic, and Liberal areas, notably areas Governed, and led by Progressive Communist Democratic Mayors, or/and Governors and even District Attorneys ho are responsible in the upsurge of crime! And that our Progressive Communist Democrat Politicians, even the Judges,are being driven by their Progressive ideology, that demand that these hardened criminals be released back into our communities along with the surge of millions of Illegal Alien CRIMINALS who are being treated differently than our own Ordinary Citizens are.
There even has been a surge of"ambushed and murdered Police offices being shot in their own patrol cars that are being targeted simply because they were in uniform. How RIDICULES is that! What has this country come to?
A California police chief appeared to be deliberately shot at and Murdered while riding his bicycle in Las Vegas by a 17 year old teenage while driving a car , and was heard saying “I hit his ass.”
The unidentified 17 year old driver of the Hyundai was soon arrested by the police and has been charged with murder, after police discovered the video on social media that allegedly showed him deliberately shooting the man.
An Illegal Immigrant was charged with Stabbing a man to death on the Subway in New York . He spent three months in Jail waiting for the court to approve his extradition which never came, and finally was ordered to be released by police because of a delay in the paperwork. Do you call this Justice? We constantly hear of these HORRIFIC cases that happen after a suspect had over 40-50 or more previous arrests! Why are people like that still walking our streets?
You may ask What’s Next? And you’ll be right. Maybe we will see a surge in the Progressive Communist Democrats employing their allies in Antifa and Black Lives Matter troops as we grow closer to the 2024 election.
And perhaps these Illegal Alien Gangs will speed up the floods of Illegal Aliens to cross the border before a New Administration comes into office.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

The one that started in the early-mid sixties?

Anonymous said...

Definitely a trollbot.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...