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Monday, November 26, 2018

Is the World Ready for Ion Propulsion?


Franco Aragosta said...

Not quite another Kitty Hawk, but CLOSE –– possibly a good start.

'Twould be wonderful to have viable aircraft –– and OTHER kinds of transportation –– that were quiet, non-polluting and not dependent on fossil fuels, although it looks right now as though an actual human pilot or passenger might suffer a deadly electric shock. ;-)

Franco Aragosta said...

Barrett mentioned the Industrial Revolution as long established.

Not really. From what I see of modern-post-modern society, our benighted species has still failed to come to grips with developments that established themselves in the mid-nineteenth- century.

I often think it possible that the Luddites were right after all.

-FJ said...

It would make one hell of an effective bug zapper, that's for sure!

Franco Aragosta said...

Doesn't the lavender lantern do that for you well enough? I have to admit the sadist in me feels a little warm glow of satisfaction every time I hear the ZZZZZZZZZZZZT! that means another pestiferous insect has just been fried to a crisp.

It adds just the right note to the Symphony of Sultry Summer Evenings.