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Monday, November 26, 2018

Zizek Q&A


Franco Aragosta said...

ZIZEK –– unlike any other dedicated Marxist I've ever known –– has "charisma." He's rather charming, and a great master at appearing "cute," good-natured, and accessible to the folk." He manages to make himself appear almost PIXYISH which is grotesque in a figure who espouses such hideous aims and objectives.

This makes him especially dangerous, since he freely admits to being a COMMUNIST, and has stated in public that "COMMUNISM WILL WIN."

I liked Marxists much better whn they were shrieking, sourpussed, biliously iconclastic, bomb throwing anarchistic old Jews noisily berating Bourgeois society for daring to be comfortable and prpsperous in a world where most still live in grinding poverty.

This CHARM OFFENSIVE is far more of a threat than the fierce, obviously threatening old style Bolshevism.

Franco Aragosta said...

I think too that past of ZIZEK'S "success" may be attributed to the sheer DENSITY of his excssive verbosity.

He lards his talks with such excessive amunts of verbiage it's-all-but impossble to understand precisely WHAT he's saying.

This, of course, makes students" and ignorant people still searchng for a "god" to worship believe that ZIZEK'S ponderous prolixity MUST be profound, precisely because they ARE so inscrutable

-FJ said...

I don't think that's it, Franco. In order to follow Zizek you need a working knowledge of Lacanian psychoanalysis... which IS the dense part. It's almost "mathematical" once you know how to apply it... and that is what comes across as "dense" in many of Zizek's presentations. It's what allows him to arrive at the "perspective" he presents, whether it be " Master, Hysteric, University, or Analyst (Zizek's own).

Franco Aragosta said...

Based on the truism that "You don't need to eat a pound of AHEM! [poo-poo] to know it doesn't taste good," I trust my instinctive aversion to what-has-been-pejoratively termed "French Thought."

Call me "incurious," call me "anti-intellectual," –– even though many have called ME just that,myself, –– but there are so VERY many REWARDING sources of marvelous, intrinsically worthwhile, deeply SATISFYING cultural manifestations to study, enjoy, and adore, there is simply NO ROOM in my mind for dour, cynical, frankly BILIOUS speculation and pessimistic prognostication.

Besides, as you know, I am a Christian, albeit a maverick, self-styled Christian, but a Believer nevertheless, and to a person who believes in the Divinity of our One True Father-God, His Holy Spirit, and the supremacy of His Son, Jesus Christ, as our only mediator and advocate with the Father, the dour, invariably depressing, iconoclastic verbose, turgid utterances of these guys who "intelectuals" feel obliged to admire and study assiduously, just leave me cold.

I am anything-BUT a Philistine, but I AM a man of faith, and I do NOT want to entertain any notions that might tempt me to lose faith in my faith, if that makes any sense?

Anyway, I'm very glad to see you back here, even if I wax contentious at times. You've been missed, Farmer.

M_E_R_R_Y .. + ,, C_H_R_I_S_T_M_A_S_!

<);^}> Ho ho ho!

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Q; Why does Zizek never address the fact that Marxism is retarded?

Franco Aragosta said...

Apparently our friend Slavoj believes Marxism to be THE most advanced, the most enlightened, and THE most salubrious doctrine yet devised by man.

If he wants to be that big a fool, who are we to tell him he has no right to it?

What worries me is not HIM so much, but the astinishungly large and devote FOLLOWING he's managed to draw to himself. In THAT regard I see him as very dangerous.

Those who contamate the minds of young, impressionable children, and older, woefully ignorant "lost souls" are doing the Devil's work.

Zizek's ill opinion and curt dismissal of Donald Trump is all the proof i would ever need to know that Zizek is worse than a fool. He's a genuine ASSHOLE. ;-)

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

I have my own problems with Trump. Tear gas at border instead of flamethrowers? Weak.

-FJ said...

I think what Zizek likes about Marxism are the psychoanalytic concepts like surplus value... alienation... commodity fetishism and the philosophical notion that a culture's problems originate from "within" (ie - class struggle) and are not necessarily external (ie - from immigration). In other words, there can be no "final solutions" (just get rid of the Jews or blacks and everything will be great).

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

So much of that is meaningless though.

Imagine trying to sue an employer to get your "surplus value" back. It's absurd.

Which is why I rarely engage leftists on their non-existent intellectual level. If they can't readily admit that they are retarded up front, you know they will be dishonest about less obvious matters.

-FJ said...

To a Lacanian, the objet petit 'a (cause of desire) is always a "surplus value".

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

And to rational people vice Lacanians, a cause of desire is subjective and never the same thing for individuals.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Which is why Marxists go to great lengths trying to deny the existence of human nature. There can't be individuals, only collectives.

Marxism is everything opposite of its claims, which means Marxism isn't even scientific.

All that is left for Lacanians, if they dare, is to surmise how such a garbled and incoherent philosophy of communism emerged from a violently drunk heroin addict rotting alive with MRSA.

Well, duh.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

"Remember his carbuncles." ;)