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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Sex and the Failed Absolute (Part I)


Franco Aragosta said...

Well, SEX sure failed in the Texas senate race ,didn't it? I'm sure most of the layed-eaze swooned and wet their panties over Kennedyesque Beto O'Rourke, but SOBRIETY and SANITY managed to prevail in spite of SEX APPEALl of which the brllliant-but-dumpy-tinny-voiced, and pathetically UN-charismatic Ted Cruz has none

Ain't that great?

Ain't it grand?

Maybe the boyish-rogue Kennedy-style infuence that narrowly prevented Richard Nixon from assuming his rightful place as IKE's successor has finally faded?


-FJ said...

Sex failed to sell THIS video... ;)

Franco Aragosta said...


Write a good old-fashioned exposé entitled SEX on the SUPREME COURT?

OR do a Sally Jessy Raphael and comPILE a series of "interviews"and call it WOMEN WHO FELL in LOVE with THEIR RAPISTS.

Another might be called MY FATHER, MY LOVER by Trisha Nicksin' Cocks

Or do Kitty Kelley and "discover" a "posthumous confession" among the papers of the late Janet Reno telling the truth about how she, Hillary and the pre-pubescent CHELSEA had threesomes in the Family Quarters of the White House sometimes switching off with Donna Shalala whie naked Bill stroked himself dscreetly in the shadows. Call it THE DYKING of AN INNOCENT. Never mind all the lawsuits you'll have to defend. I GUARANTEE you'll never be hungry again if you write and publish THE DYKING.

These ideas are not in the least "wicked." The practice of writing Creative Journalism of this kind is simply GIVING the PUBLIC WHAT IT WANTS.

Anything for a buck, right?

Franco Aragosta said...

Better yet THOMAS JEFFERSON: SLAVE-OWNING PEDERAST and CHILD RAPIST would be sure to capture the pubic's imagination. The night the Thms Jefferson invited all the Foundng Fathers to take turns fucking Sallie Hemings while they hammered out the Constitution would, of course, be the CENTERPIECE of the sure-to-be-a-runaway-best-selling volume.

Getting down and dirty is the ONLY way to go if you want to understand the TRUTH about HUMAN NATURE.


Franco Aragosta said...

The Public's appetite for FILTH, DEGENERACY and CORRUPTION knows no bounds.

Devote yiyr lufe to pursung all that's fune and noble, and you'll die poor, and may even wind up beng CRUCIFIED.

Celebrate SIN and DAMNATION floridly with reckless abandon, and the world's your oyster, but –– IF what the bible says is true –– PAYBACK in the afterlife is apt to be a BITCH.

Are you SO sure the Bible is buncombe, that you're willing to take that chance?

I have my doubts like everyone else about the afterlife, but I don't callously dismiss anything with such profoundly serious implications. I'm no better than I should be, but I do at least TRY to be worthy of mercy in the afterlife, IF it exists. If it doesn't, well -- that makes no difference. I will then merely become part of the soil, eventually.

Surely there are worse fates?

Franco Aragosta said...

A Motto for the Isolated:


Speedy G said...

Beats me? ;)

Franco Aragosta said...



Jen said...

Beto lost because Texas isn't QUITE ready to let go of Cruz. But it's coming.
Ted Cruz lost his home county. Collin County, which is a Republican haven, barely elected Cruz. It's widely reported that he's the most hated member of Congress.

I'm thinking Texas will be much blue-er in the next 10 years. The "Big Story" this election cycle was that "evangelical" women turned out in record numbers for Beto. (I think this story was over-blown, but still interesting. Looks like Texans who try to live a moral life cannot in good conscience vote Republican anymore, and it seems to have started with Trump 2016.) And amazingly, none of the coverage I saw mentioned these voting women as making a decision based on sex appeal. Fascinating.

I'm glad there wasn't a blue wave, as predicted, but the Republican Party has disappointed me, and many others.

Joe Conservative said...

Interesting. So much for the old "render unto Caesar that which is Caesars." Now people seem to want to look to Caesar for "moral guidance." Cuz you won't find ANY in DC. Here, it's ALL an act.

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Oh it's all an act here, too, of course. Virtue signaling on both sides (voter, and politicians). But my point was, they were sending a message. I don't think those women were voting FOR Beto as much as they were voting AGAINST Trump.

Joe Conservative said...

Yes, I see a lot of that. According to the MSM, Trump can't do anything right. And who would want to be associated with THAT?

Franco Aragosta said...


A country may survive even brutal aggression from hostile foreign forces, but it cannot survive the depredations of the tter fools who make uo too large a segment of the electorate.

It's a SHAME that WOMEN ever got the franchise.

Jen said...

It's a SHAME that WOMEN ever got the franchise.

True to form. ;)

Jen said...

I'll admit, I was born female. But I can no more apologize for that than you can for the way you were born. Not to mention, FJ says I look like Golda Meir, so who knows, I may even have some Jewish heritage to thank for my nature. (thank YOU Yeshua! sincerely.) Try not to hate me too much, FT. I'm a mere human, like you, with ideals and beliefs, and we would do much better to see each other as HUMAN beings than as radical others with nothing in common. I know...more hippie b.s.! I can't help it. It works very well in my life.

Lately, I'm fascinated with the concept of ideology, and how we are willingly blinded, when we sign on, not only to the strengths and similarities in "others", but to our own weaknesses and dark sides. Very interesting stuff!!

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

Franco Aragosta said...

Hi, Jen!

I always felt we were very "simpatico" when you used to post regularly –– now quite a long time ago. I don't beieve either of us has changed all that much.

I think it's been a terrble mistake to predicate one's politics on the SEX, RACE, RELIGION or ETHNIC GROUPto which one belongs.

What is now derisively labelled "ideology" I long ago came to regard as Bedrock Principles, Core Beliefs, Personal Convictions, Policy Ideals on which thinking people base their lives.

I am adamantly posed to Marxia-Collctivis-Statist politices, and therefore feel compelled ALWAYS to support those who do their best to ELIMINATE communist-socialist tendecies from OUR lives.

I don't care whether they are Black, White, Women, Men, Gay, Straight, Transexual, Religious or Agnostic as ling as they are militantly hostile. adamantly, unswervingly, and fiercely opposed to MARXISM in all its many and varied forms.

Franco Aragosta said...

I thought you ought to know after all these years, Jen, that I have more than a bit of Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward, and H.L. Mencken in me, and tend, therefore, to express myself in a florid, outrageosly hyperbolic, often wickedly satirical fashion.

In my never humble opinion we are suffering horribly from the demand on the part of Leftists, and unsophisticated, simple-minded "Country Conservatives" that all ideas and information must be expressed in dull, plodding, witless, literaltistic terms. UGH!

Because of educational policies initiated many decades ago by Cultural Marxists, we have experienced what-has-been-poorly-labelled "The Dumbing Down of America" –– itself a linguistically degenerate term.

By the way, Ann Coulter, herself a prominent, influential, fiercely outspoken member of the female sex, has often expressed doubts –– believe it or not –– that giving women the franchise was a good idea considering what has happened in its wake.

BUT, I hasten to add that i am NOT against WOMEN per se, but rather I am dead set against GroupThink, Identity Politics, and the kind of destructive factionalism generated by Feminism as implemented by the likes of Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and Gloria Allred, and others of their noisome ilk.

Mrs. Grundy said...

We all have hopes and dreams, FT, and nothing blinds us (ideology) more than the pursuit of them.

Women wish to be a free as men to do for themselves. As a man, I certainly understand the desire. I wouldn't want to be economically or socially dependent upon anyone, yet for millennia women were constrained to pursue a narrow social and familial role.

Mrs. Grundy said...

I'm no longer sure it's the Marxists we should be fighting, so much as the new "Mrs. Grundy's".

Jen said...
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Jen said...

I wonder if Coulter would travel back in time and revoke the 19th amendment if given the chance?

I doubt it. ;-)

Jen said...

Grundyism is a new term to me, FJ. Interesting. This seems to be one (of the many) problems with the GOP.
I see it A LOT, and how destructive it can be in lives and communities.

makes me think of Jung's concept of the "shadow". The less we acknowledge those things about us that are NOT socially acceptable, the larger the shadow grows.


And FT, I think I have changed quite a bit, actually. I do miss a few things about blogging. I especially enjoyed finding common ground with folks like Ducky. FJ, where is Ducky lately?

-FJ said...

Ducky mostly hangs at AoW's blog with Silver Fiddle, Franco, and a few others... and at Who's your Daddy when Lisa is posting (her hubby's sick w/CA, so she doesn't have much time anymore).

Yes, narcissism is in.

-FJ said...

AoW's blog... bad link above!

Franco Aragosta said...

Oh well. I'm two years short of my eightieth, and won't be around much. longer. For that I thank Goid, because truly I DON'T BELONG HERE ANYMORE.

Like Edwin Arlington Robinson's Miniver Cheevy, I was "born too late." }:^)>

It feels to me as though my species has MUTATED into something to which I don't beloing and of which I can't recognize myself as being a part.

It may not be "Marxism" per se anymore, FJ, but I know, as sure as I'm born, that Marxism and of course the developments and conditions that gave RISE to Marxism, are at the ROOT of the bitter discintent, social upheaval, rejection of norms and profound dissolution and degeneracy that have characterized Western Civilization since the end of World War One. If blaming Marx striked yu wrong, you might just as well blame Industrialization, because without the former (Industrialization) the latter (Marxism) would never have come into being.

I'm sorry if we've lost you, Jen, but the pull towards the Left has grown SO strong only a few old buzzards like me have what itakes to resist it anymore. I cn hardly blame you for getting swept away in the tide.

Orwell and the other dystopian writers spelt out the dire, horrifying consequences of acceding to a TOTALITARIAN worldview with chilling clarity. I read Orwell's two best known masterpieces before i left high school, –– sixty years ago ––, and was marked for life.

Of the two ANIMAL FARM impressed me most deeply.

But the Sophists and Masters of cynical, manipulative Mischief, Obfuscation and Derision have pushed the culture over the edge into FreeFall.

All I can say to YOU, dear lady, and others who, apparently, wish to appear "hip," open," "with it," and "broad-minded," is HAPPY LANDINGS! and may God preserve you.

Titan Uranus 2 said...


Franco Aragosta said...


______ I AM A NARCISSIST ______

I know that I’m a Paragon –– a Saint ––
A Model Citizen –– with Brilliant Mind ––
Most merciful without the faintest taint
A lesser man might have. I am so kind
No one can approach my claim to virtue.
Alone, I am so far above the crowd ––
Rare –– Magnanimous, –– and never curt. You
Can be sure my Trumpet Call is loud.
I must admit my lofty status palls ––
Sometimes –– I wish I were like other men.
Songs of Praise echo through my Halls ––
Irksome to my Modesty, and then
So much virtue for me’s a Great Weight
To bear, because I’m targeted by Hate.

~ Bloviatus Vulgaris Horribiiis

Vrag Proletariata said...

Hey, I resemble that remark! ;)

Jen said...

Hey FT, no worries. I wasn't trying to appear hip, that doesn't interest me. It's just that, the "Right" engages in identity politics way more than they like to admit. It's so easy to see when the "other side" uses nasty tactics, but we are always blind to our own tricks. I just get tired of hearing about the righteousness on both sides. I honestly believe that if we spent half the time trying to mend fences and find common ground (for the greater good), that we currently spend posturing and finger pointing, we would see real changes for the better. I have young-ish kids, so I HAVE TO stay hopeful, and as polarized and hateful as politics has become, that is nearly impossible at times. I've been pretty harshly criticized on some of our old familiar conservative blogs, just for not walking the straight party line. "Lefties" aren't the only ones who operate in an overly emotional state of mind, it seems.

And part of the problem is, we can't really know one another through these online comments. I'm sure you are a lovely person with LOTS of wisdom and great stories to share.

Take good care!

Franco Aragosta said...

Yeah, Jen. I'm not nearly the waspish old character I seem prone to portray in these venues. I'm playing a "character part" most of the time. I'm not even a Republicanymore. I've registered as an Independent for more than ten years. So, I don't really being to ANY particular group except probably Disaffected Conservatives who are disgusted at the establishment in both parties –– but I'm even more disgusted at The Deep State –– frightened too of that to be honest.

However, I DO just LOVE President Trump, who may be one of no more than five or ten AUTHENTIC people in the poer structure of Washington, DC. Trump's a New Yorker, and so am I, so I'm fully accustomed to his boisterouness and abrupt manner. I had uncles who talked just like Donald Trump, and they were GREAT guys, believe me, so of course I trust Mr. Trump.

I assure you his virtues FAR outweigh his faults, but how could most know that when the ENEMEDIA spends 24 hours a day, seven days a week, fifty-two-weeks year insulting, viifying, trying to bully the man, and flat-out LYING about him?

Hope you and your family have a Beautiful Thanksgiving.

Franco Aragosta said...

________ _To Thanksgiving _________

This holiday is often overlooked
One feels, because it doesn’t generate
The flow of cash, the airlines overbooked,
Hysteria at fear of being late.
A humble, homey, family-style affair,
No supernatural glamour European
Kicks Concupiscence awake to dare
Sobriety to drink and make a scene.
Giving thanks for what one has is not
In fashion in this Age of Gimmemore.
Virtue, quaintly comical, has got
Inhibited. It fears to be a bore.
Nothing satisfies, however wild, like
Giving thanks for home in manner childlike.

~ FreeThinke, The Sandpiper, Autumn, 1996