And by a prudent flight and cunning save A life which valour could not, from the grave. A better buckler I can soon regain, But who can get another life again? Archilochus

Sunday, November 11, 2018

WWII in Perspective


Franco Aragosta said...


The thought arises once again:
That our brave men have died in vain
If in our now-degraded state
We see no more why they were great,––
And rattle on belligerently ––
Rejecting Thought that made us free ––
Embracing now with loud insistence ––
Malice threatening our existence ––
Tearing at each other's throats ––
While a leering Satan gloats ––
A sorry spectacle that wrenches
My heart thinking of the trenches
Filled with anguish, fear and dread
As bullets whizzed above each head,
And buried in the mud the mines
Lurked to shatter limbs and spines,
While in the distance cannons boomed
Inspiring fear that all were doomed.
Then to see a body shattered ––
One a buddy –– now parts scattered ––
In the mud with corpses strewn ––
Gruesome lit by sun or moon ––
More pitiful the wounded lie
In agony praying to die.
And all around the smell of blood
Vomit, –– urine, –– faces, –– crud
Defined the hellish atmosphere
But few if any shed a tear.
They knew they had a job to do ––
Protecting our land –– and you ––
From Tyranny, –– Brutality ––
Poverty –– and Slavery ––
Their Sacrifice –– Our Legacy –
Now relegated to the Fire ––
Ever the Enemy’s Desire ––
Because their precious Victory
Was neutralized by Sophistry
That promised Peace eternally
By ceding our Sovereignty
As a dumb ovine assembly
Always led too easily
To the abattoir where brutally
They end up slaughtered ruthlessly.
And so the Enemy has won ––
Not by bayonet, bomb, or gun ––
But by an ideology
Seductive, to those lazily
Imagining there’s an Easy Way
To stop becoming Satan’s Prey.
Thus lulled into a stupor we
Now feel a false Security.
Forgetting the we owe a debt
To those brave men who fought to get
Continued Opportunity
To cherish their fine legacy.
Because the Left runs Education
We’ve lost our great Emancipation ––
Betrayed great men through dissipation
Made worse by bitter argumentation.

~ FreeThinke (11/11/18)

Franco Aragosta said...

I see no point in making statistical BODY COUNTS such as those in the video.

I did not like the narrator. I found his dry, dispassionate, emotionally uninvolved tone and monotonous singsong delivery almost as irritating as the way he made it all too clear that –– in the fashion of the day among those who like to believe they know what they're talking about –– he is clearly NOT on OUR side.

Any appraisal of WORLD WAR TWO –– or any armed conflict –– that DOES NOT INCLUDE an ATTEMPT to EXPLAIN HOW the EVENT OCCURRED and, –– more importantly –– WHY is WORTHLESS in my never humble estimation.

Franco Aragosta said...

The Machine Stops (1909) by E.M. Forster

A Brave New World (1931-32) by Aldous Huxley

ANIMAL FARM (1945) by George Orwell

Nineteen-EIghty-Four (1949) by George Orwell

Lord of the Flies (1954) by William Golding

The Handmaid's Tale (1985) by Margaret Atwood

Those are the major dystopian novels I've read. All paint essentially the same gruesome, terrifying picture. Though the details, characters and settings vary, each of these books carries essentially the same message:


Even Walt Kelly's cartoon character Pogo said it in the mid-nineteen-fifties when he famously published "WE have MET the ENEMY, and he is US!" I was fourteen at the time, and remember being struck by that while reading the Pogo strip in the New ork Herald Tribune when Kelly first first presented it.

The veneer giving us the appearance of being civilized is, and always has been, exceedingly thin –– and very fragile.

Things aren't really different now from what they always have been, BUT since the powerful discoveries and developments in "Science" and "Technology" have replaced the absolute authority of DIVINE LAW –– especially in the minds of far too many members of our supposedly "elite," educated class, the process of degeneration and dissolution has been greatly accelerated.

Unless and until we learn once again to RESPECT, BELIEVE and RELY on the supremacy and benevolence of GOD, as revealed to us in the Holy Bible, things aren't going to get any better. We'll just keep on chasing our tails with ever increasing efficiency and ferocity at ever increasing ates of speed in impotent frenzy –– a truly dismal prospect.

Franco Aragosta said...

I hasten to add that believing in God, and valuing the authority of wisdom gleaned from the basic precepts found in the Holy Bible does NOT make one "a religious fanatic" as most of the dismal "deep thinkers" and aggressive atheists on the Left would have you believe.

Submitting to Divine Authority takes true HUMILITY –– a quality not naturally possessed by many human creatures.

Our maing problem as a species is our inimical penchant for trying always to find an EASY aWAY to get throgh life –– one that absovles us of responsibility for ourselves.

Those foolish "philophers" who have encouraged such an attitude are guilty of Spreading CONFUSION while DESTROYING Good and RETARDING true Progress.

What is "True Progress?"

The determined advance towards ENLIGHTENMENT.

We must remember, however, that ENLIGHTENMENT does not mean advocacy of the kind of skepticism that breeds sneering cynicism, factionalism, sarcasm, immorality and ferocious misanthropy.

Franco Aragosta said...

The ONLY way to look at it is this:

World War Twp was a GOOD war, becase we WON it.

When drawn into a titanic struggle like that, the ONLY thing to do is to abandon ALL forms of decency, decorum and restraint, and go full speed ahead to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to PREVAIL

People who START wars should be shown NO MERCY. Level all the cities, Burn all the crops. Pois the water supply. Kill all the women and children if you have to, but for CHRIST'S sake DEFEAT AGGRESSORS and render them helpless humbled, groveling for mere at your feet, and forever unable to rise again.

Franco Aragosta said...

It's awful LONELY here, farmer.

Giving monologues to oneself day after day is not satisfying occupation, though it beats dealing with the WYD Tri-DUMB-vi-rate, that's for sure.

Too much like TENNIS for ONE!


-FJ said...

Sorry, work's been a bear!

Besides, how can you lose when you play tennis for one?

Franco Aragosta said...

Yeah, but It's extra hard on the balls!


Vrag Proletariata said...

It could be worse...

Franco Aragosta said...

Things can ALWAYS get worse. Sad, ain't it?

Vrag Proletariata said...

...but we can't lose Hope!

Vrag Proletariata said...

For the ends should support the means.

Franco Aragosta said...

When tenacity becomes teNASTY, eh?

Enough of this foul funk!

'Tis the essence of societal decay.


Franco Aragosta said...

Not me,
It's just that I am what I am
And I'm me!

When I look at myself
And I see in myself
All the wonderful things that I see
If I'm pleased with myself
I have ev'ry good reason to be

.I've gotta crow!
I'm just the cleverest fellow
'Twas ever my fortune to know;
I taught a trick to my shadow
To stick to the tip of my toe
I've gotta crow!

I've gotta brag!
I think it's sweet
I have fingers and feet I can wiggle and wag.
I can climb trees and play tag with the breeze
In the meadows below
I've gotta crow

!If I were a very ordinary
Ev'ry day thing,
I'd never be heard cock-a-doodling
'Round like a bird!So

When I discover the cleverness of a remarkable me,
How can I hide it
When deep down inside it just tickles me so
That I've gotta let go and crow!

I'm really a rare thing,
Such a fair thing,
I can't keep still!
I'm bursting with pride
And I just couldn't keep it inside
If I tried so...

When I discover the cleverness of a remarkable me,
How can I hide it
When deep down inside it just tickles me so
That I've gotta let go and crow!

~ Peter Pan (1954) as sung by Mary Martin

That tumultuous sound you are hearng is the sound of ONE HAND CLAPPING.

Stanley Kowalski said...

The essence of decay? Or resurgence of values in original greatness?